Zubeena Zareen: Dawood Ibrahim’s First Wife

The Pakistani woman Zubeena Zareen, also called Mehjabeen Shaikh, is well-known for being mobster Dawood Ibrahim’s first wife. In the 1990s, she got married to Dawood Ibrahim. She only has just a handful of publicly available photos, most of which are old and grainy.

Early Life and Background

Zubeena Zareen was born in 1960 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She is currently 63 years old and has a height of 5 feet 5 inches.

She’s also known as Mehjabeen Shaikh. Her father’s name is Yusuf Kashmiri. He was a small businessman. She grew up in the infamous Bhendi Bazaar area of Mumbai. Zubeena shares a connection with Dawood Ibrahim, her husband who also hails from this neighborhood. This area is well known for its lively vibe, busy marketplaces, and diversified neighborhood. Salim Kashmiri, Mehjabeen’s uncle also lives in the area. Therefore, she has further family connections there.

Dawood Ibrahim, Husband of Zubeena Zareen

Dawood Ibrahim is an Indian terrorist, drug lord, and mafia boss from Dongri, Mumbai. He was born on 26 December 1955 to a Konkani Muslim family. His mother Amina Bi stayed at home while her husband, Ibrahim Kaskar, was employed as a chief constable in the Mumbai Police

According to reports, he currently resides in Karachi, Pakistan. He is said to be the leader of the Indian organized crime group D-Company. He established this company in Mumbai during the 1970s. Murder, extortion, targeted killing, drug trafficking, and terrorism are among the accusations Ibrahim is wanted for.

Marriage with Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim’s friend Mumtaz Khan invited Dawood to dinner in the 1990s. Zubeena Zareen who happened to be the sister-in-law of Mumtaz Khan was also present there. At the dinner, Dawood found himself mesmerized by Zubeena’s beauty. As a result of their attraction, Mehjabeen and Dawood started dating. Unfortunately, Zubeen’s father disapproved of their relationship. But after learning of Dawood’s father’s honorable police career, he eventually approved their marriage.

In the 1990s, Zubeena Zareen got married to Dawood Ibrahim. Their marriage marked a new chapter in their lives and helped Zubeen become acquainted with one of the most notorious figures in the underground.

Family Connections

Zubeena Zareen and Dawood Ibrahim have four children together. They have a son named Moin Ibrahim and three daughters called Mehreen Ibrahim, Mahrukh Ibrahim, and Maria Ibrahim.

Moin Ibrahim married Saniya, a businessman’s daughter from London. It probably united two families with different geographic and cultural origins. This helped strengthen the Ibrahim family’s ties and expand their global network.

Mahrukh Ibrahim tied the knot with the son of former Pakistani cricket player Javed Miandad, Junaid Miandad in the year 2006. This marriage probably brought two well-known families together and introduced Zubeena’s family to the cricket world.

In 2011, Mehreen got hitched to Ayub, a citizen of Pakistan and the United States. It represents a blending of cultures and could be an indication of Zubeena’s family’s global perspective.

Zubeena and Dawood’s third daughter, Maria Ibrahim was born in 2012. The birth of Maria brought immense joy and happiness to the family.

Zubeena Zareen’s Caring Nature

In a media interview, one of Zubeena’s relatives portrayed her as a compassionate person. They said that Zubeena remained close to all of Dawood Ibrahim’s relatives. This portrayal emphasizes Zubeena’s nurturing nature and her dedication to her family.

Relationship with Dawood Ibrahim

The said relative further stated that Dawood and Zubeena shared an intimate bond. They mentioned that Dawood and Zubeena communicate quite often, especially during festivals. They also added that Dawood communicates with Zubeena over WhatsApp.

Haseena Parkar, sister of Dawood Ibrahim, remarked that Zubeena was the only person Dawood feared. It demonstrates the magnitude of Zubeena’s power and the respect she enjoyed in their family. Parkar said that Dawood only threw lavish parties while Zubeena was not around as she was not fond of parties or certain people. But if she returned unexpectedly, everything would be promptly cleaned up. Dawood also paid extra attention to getting rid of any images of young women that she would not approve of. This highlights his respect for her judgment and his efforts to make sure she’s satisfied and happy.

Key Role in Family

Haseena Parkar, Dawood Ibrahim’s sister, revealed in a media interview that Zubeena Zareen played a crucial role in their family dynamics. She called Zubeena the heart and soul of their family. She emphasized her prominent role in arranging her daughter Mahrukh’s marriage to Junaid, the son of former cricketer Javed Miandad.

Parkar says Zubeena came up with the idea and talked to her close friend Miandad’s wife about it. This shows Mehjabeen’s creativity and her ability to use personal connections to plan important family gatherings.

According to Parkar, Zubeena has leadership abilities and influence in their social circle which makes her a “driving force” in the family. It highlights the power and decision-making dynamics inside the Ibrahim family.

Visit to India

In 2016 Zubeena Zareen traveled far to Mumbai, the city of her birth. It was the first time she had met her father, Salim Kashmiri. Hence, this visit was particularly meaningful to Zubeena. There was probably emotional weight to this meeting. It offered a chance for family reconciliation and reunification.

While she was there Zubeena also made the effort to visit an educational institution run by the government. This type of conduct indicates her desire to interact with her surroundings. She probably had an intention to contribute to the community or to learn more about her ancestry.

Statement Made by Congress Spokesperson

Renowned Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala criticized the Modi government in a 2017 video message for allegedly doing nothing about Zubeena Zarin’s 2016 visit to India.

Dawood Ibrahim’s arrested brother, Iqbal Ibrahim Kaskar informed Indian investors about this visit. Soon after that revelation,

Surjewala’s comments made those comments.


Rooted in Mumbai’s Bhendi Bazaar, Zubeena Zareen possesses resilience and familial influence. Like many mafia spouses, Zubeena is still an enigma. Her mysterious life and minimal public presence contribute to her intriguing demeanor. It gives room for speculation and imagination. We hope with this blog, you’ve got a fair knowledge about Zubeena Zareen and her life.

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